R O O T S reflects on the detachment we created throughout the years with ourselves and nature. We got used to the speed and the chaos and forgot the simple pleasure of life and how to enjoy it without the daily stress and anxiety. This collection tries to offer a feeling of serenity, beauty and playfulness through the shapes and color tone used. There is a lot of earthy and nature references with the use of brown, green, white and floral prints. We got our inspiration as well from the 70s fashion (shapes and structures) and from art such as Monet, Gustav Klimt (floral prints combinations and colour schemes) as well as arabic tile designs for our patchwork designs.




BEIRUT a city of paradox and contrast. It is hard to describe the heart of this city full of pain yet full of laughter, full of love yet full of anger. A city that lived through war and destruction and came back every time. A city where its people are bound to each other forever. BEIRUT: nostalgia, resilience, love, war, community, religion, music, sectarianism, revolution, hope & despair, not enough words can describe this magical city. This collection represents the paradox that is Beirut and its beauty in Darkness







The modern world seems to be filled with worries and uncertainty. Chaos has installed itself in our daily lives. Changing the way we used to enjoy each other and the simple things. The beauty that surrounded us has been taken for granted and we are facing our truth. All those years taking advantage of the beauty and abundance in front of us, led us to greed, mistrust and egotistical behavior. But is complete order the answer? This collection voices the beauty of balance : what would the world be like if there was a perfect balance between order and chaos?







The people's symphony 


This collection represents the power of unity and escape in music. When faced with unemployment, corruption of a government, division in politics, poverty, instability, people from different faith, culture and beliefs gather and unit in the rhythm of music. Music provides an escape to a generation throughout the globe especially in Lebanon. Trying to escape from their everyday struggles people unit in the beats of a song. In a time of revolution people from different background hold hands chanting for their rights.